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In 1981, the Ravyns entered Flite Three Studios in Baltimore to record a slew of new originals penned by Rob Fahey, Kyf Brewer and Bobby Hird, their sites on procuring a big label deal. Recruiting Rick Witkowski to produce, the group decided on four of those tunes - "Rampage" by Rob Fahey and D. Chester, "Alien" by Kyf Brewer, "Hooked On The Radio" by Bobby Hird, and "Kicks", a Paul Revere & the Raiders cover - to make up their first vinyl release, an extended play 10-inch record simply titled "Ravyns". Short on funds, when band and producer had trouble reaching a sound that pleased everyone, John Palumbo was brought in to mix. By the record's completion the group had nearly broken up, subsequent with Bobby's decision to join Palumbo in the newly reformed Crack The Sky. In August 1981, The Ravyns played their final gig with Hird at Painters Mill Music Hall. It was coincidentally the first night that "Ravyns" went on sale. Several hundred were sold and the EP was never reordered. Cast aside as a souvenir from the farewell concert, "Ravyns" was all but forgotten by the time the group rebanded a year later, at last finding national attention with their song in the film, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and a full length album for MCA. From time to time a copy would surface in a collector¹s store, fetching as much as fifty dollars. During a move in 1993, Kyf stumbled across an uopened box of "Ravyns" EPs, still in their original shrinkwrap. Ryf now offers them personally autographed to collectors for a moderate price of $30, the proceeds of which go toward the maintenance of Ordering is recommended mainly for collectors, as the quality of these recordings is not pristine and a turntable is needed.

The Ravyns - Vinyl Ravyns 1980 EP (VERY LIMITED QUANTITY)

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