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Hey, it’s Kyf. This website is a portal into my combined musical endeavors through the years. Here you can find recorded music from every band of which I’ve been a member. You can buy the CDs, download the songs, watch our videos, even learn some facts you didn’t know. For example - when The Ravyns’ first album was released on vinyl in 1984, my name appeared on Side 2 as "Ryf Brewer"- hence the name of this record label and site. Of course at the time I was livid, almost as livid as when our first press photo came back introducing Rob Fahey as “Bob” and me as “Keith”. After weathering dozens of similar identity crises at the hands of oblivious big labels, it’s been admittedly quite nice to move away from corporate conglomerates and run our own ship. In the early days, we weren’t even allowed to sell our own records - we were expected to blow you away live and then instruct you to run to your local music store next day and buy us! 


No more! It’s all right here.

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The Ravyns Kyf Brewer
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