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Our fifth studio album. The idea was to feature songs written by every member of the current line-up. As follows...

Barleyjuice - CD - Skulduggery Street

  • 1. Skulduggery Street (Brewer)

    2. Connemara Ground (Swanson/Brewer)

    3. Prettiest Girl at the Fair (Brewer)

    4. The Postman Always Jigs Twice (Swanson)

    5. Get Your Irish On (Brewer)

    6. Molly's Girls (Schroeder/Brewer)

    7. Whiskey Maid (Brewer)

    8. Jock MacGraw (trad)

    9. Piss 'n' Ginger (Brewer)

    10. Scottish Green (Worthington)

    11. Drunken Sailor (trad)

    12. Playground Jig (Dominick)

    13. Pour That Whiskey (Brewer/Brewer)

    14. Generations (Parkinson)

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