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"The best yet from Company of Wolves, as far as I'm concerned. I loved making the first album, and this was just more of the same, with better production. All new songs, including a full studio version of Rocks in Your Head, and many new instruments tackled by Steve, John & meself. I'd been doing "Dance Yourself Stupid" and "The Ballad of Sailor Jack" live for years - now you can, too! Great reviews from all over the globe, ah, thankyaverramush. Like they say, if ya want it done right...." -- Kyf 

Company of Wolves - CD - Steryl Spycase

  • 01. Labor of Love

    02. Words You Say

    03. Miles Away

    04. Dear Life

    05. Can't Stand to Crawl

    06. The Distance

    07. Simon Screams

    08. Everybody's Baby

    09. In My Blood

    10. Rocks In yo' Head

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