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"We recorded this LP over a period of three years with money I made from singin' jingles. "Beautiful Thing" did a lot to establish me as a solo artist. Dave & I recorded each song at a separate time, so to me it's like a singles collection. You liked it, so we cut another." -- Kyf 

Kyf Brewer - CD - Me and My Big Mouth

  • 01. Tight Purple GitUp

    02. Beautiful Thing

    03. The Curious Decline Of Miss Iris Tgaux

    04. Soul Jerky

    05. Tales from the Couch

    06. Diesel

    07. Slow Motion

    08. Turning Into Elvis

    09. You Were The Days

    10. My Big Mouth

    11. Ain't Enough Booze

    12. Little At a Time

    13. Smashed Potatoes

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