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This record has a lot to do with Kyf's hometown Reisterstown, Maryland. The Salvador Deli didn't really exist, except in the minds of himself, Dave, & a few others. The thank-yous on the back are actually a list of everyone Kyf & Dave ever played with together in a band. The early story of Kyf's life, as told to Andy Bopp. 

Kyf Brewer - CD - Salvador Deli

  • 01. Nothing To Do With Being In Love

    02. Everything She Says

    03. Take Y' Shoes Off

    04. Salvador Deli

    05. Mother Of Jocelyn

    06. Sweethearts Of The Radio

    07. Trouble With Angels

    08. Bonnie Can Wait

    09. Splattered All Over The Highway

    10. Spellbound

    11. Open

    12. Donnie Scot

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