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The concept of this collection began with two tunes written for videographer & lifelong friend Donna Quante for her film, Pretty Sled Dogs, about Iditarod musher Karen Ramstead and her pure bred team of siberian huskies. Scotlyn co-wrote the title track with me, as well as sang and played some flute. Donna's a three-time emmy winner for camera operation as well as being really into sled dogs. We had such a great time with her huskies that we decided to create a whole album to accompany the movie, so I looked through and hand-picked some of my other stuff that felt right. In addition to the songs from the film, there are two other new ones, penned with gifted buds Rick Bell & Kit Hain, as well as an alternate version of an old favorite. If you enjoy it, wag your tongue.

Kyf Brewer - CD - Songs for Mushers (And Standard Folk)

  • 01. Pretty Sled Dogs

    02. The Husky's Code

    03. Shake Me Down

    04. I Run 05. Wonderful Day

    06. Something Beautiful

    07. Here

    08. Through

    09. Trouble With Angels

    10. The One

    11. Beautiful Thing

    12. Donnie Scot

    13. Open

    14. Home

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