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Collector's item! This double CD was created for Barleyjuice's 2008 appearance on QVC. One run and it's been out of print since, until this recently discovered box of 40! Notable are a studio version of "Town of Ballybay", and the first ever release of "Celtic Girl"... Get yours now!

Barleyjuice - CD- The Barleyjuice Irish Collection

  • A Night at the Pub:    

    1. All For Me Grog            2. Mush Mush                    

    3. Nancy Drinks Tequila            4.Monto            

    5. Real Old Mountain Dew         6. What's Up Yours?

    7.Dear Ould Ireland                8. Potatoes                   

    9. Tim Finnegan's Wake       10.Weekend Irish

    11.Nancy Whiskey                 12. Moonshiner

    13. Town of Ballybay               14. Swig

    15. Whiskey in the Jar          16. Modern Pirates                      


    The Morning After:

    1. Misty Mornings Miss'd        2. Juice of the Barley

    3. Sally Garden           4. Jig of Slurs/Taylor's Fancy

    5. I'll Tell Me Ma              6. Hard Life of Ivan MacRae

    7. Celtic Girl               8. Rosin the Bow

    9. Whiskey to the Sea.      10. Pretty Wild Bride

    11. Stack of Barley            12. Fiddler's Green

    13. Dear Richard's Wake     14. Jo'rneyman's Song

    15. Jig Set                 16. Wild Rover

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