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The long-awaited third studio album delivered by the popular Baltimore band from the 80s who first brought you Raised On The Radio from the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack. History Repeats Itself is eleven original tunes penned and performed by The Ravyns between the years of 1980-1983. The songs were well-known by their fans, but never released to the public in studio form until 2014. Though the production is modern, the songs ring true of authentic 80s power pop and rock, carrying the Ravyns legacy to yet another generation of thirsty rock fans. 

The Ravyns - CD - History Repeats Itself

  • 01. History Repeats Itself

    02. Oh Nakia

    03. Like Her So

    04. She's Such A Drag

    05. Penny Tight

    06. I Like You

    07. I Ain't Holding You Down

    08. Lovergirl

    09. Rock 'n' Roll Bitches

    10. Incidentally Baby

    11. Rampage

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