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The Ravyns were Baltimore's top rocking pop group of the early 1980s, who went on to record "Raised On The Radio" for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High motion picture from Universal and was the second single released from subsequent soundtrack on Elektra-Asylum. This later spawned a full LP release of Ravyns music on MCA Records. Prior to some personnel changes and doing the whole Hollywood thing, though, the boys spent their hard earned money on self-funding their own project (trendsetters to the whole indie music movement). They recorded a 4-song EP, with Rick Witkowski as producing engineer and John Palumbo as remix engineer. The master tapes have been stored all this time and were recently digitized, remixed and mastered by R. Lee Townsend. They are finally coming to see the light of day with this limited CD release. This recording features the works of Rob Fahey, Kyf Brewer, Bobby Hird, and R. Lee Townsend. "Rampage" opens the record (which has been re-recorded in 2015 on the current Ravyns "History Repeats Itself" CD), then follows with a soaring remake of the Paul Revere and the Raiders hit "Kicks", followed by Bobby Hird's "Hooked On The Radio", and ends with an energetic studio version of a favorite live gig mainstay, "Alien", by Kyf Brewer. Something for everyone.

The Ravyns - CD - The Ravyns EP

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