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You can visualize Kyf Brewer’s musical sensibility as the dismantling moment of a Buddhist sand mandala, the moment when every vibrant color is swirled and skittered together into a new blend of what the individual colors and designs once represented. Hues of 60s pop radio, British Invasion, early Nashville, mountain bluegrass, black rhythm & blues, Baptist hymns and ancient celtic melodies find harmonious sanctuary within the infectious choruses of his offerings. That’s quite a mouthful to imagine digesting, were not the taste so romantically reminiscent and fulfilling.

Kyf’s bands have been cult-notorious around the globe, from The Ravyns in the 80s to Company of Wolves in the 90s, and since 1998, Barleyjuice. Many of his songs have made their way into television shows and movies. He has dabbled in acting and writing, but nothing has brought him more joy than the music.

Kyf Brewer - "High On Love" (official video)

Kyf Brewer - "High On Love" (official video)

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