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The Ravyns

The Ravyns 1982
The Ravyns 2019

The Ravyns were formed in 1978 by Baltimore singer-songwriters Kyf Brewer and Rob Fahey. With power pop, punk and new wave on the rise, the two furiously wrote numerous songs in these genres with a quicker, harder edge.


In 1982, when Irving Azoff was working on the soundtrack for the film, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, their song, Raised On The Radio became the  soundtrack's second single, and the band’s first national release. A full album followed on MCA a year later.


Fueled by national recognition, The Ravyns continued playing, writing and touring continuously. A second album, Remnants, consisting of formerly unreleased demos recorded by Fahey in the early 80s, was released to the public in the 1990s. This album is now available in CD and download on this site.


At a show in 2013, backstage chatter about re-recording some other forgotten chestnuts turned real. The subsequent 2014 release, History Repeats Itself, is a collection of eleven more of their most popular formerly unreleased songs, an album of authentic power pop songs written in the 80s by a recognized 80s band, freshly recorded using today’s production.

THE RAVYNS "Raised on the radio"

THE RAVYNS "Raised on the radio"

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